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Peter Please Answer – What is the Best Scooter for my Child?

Thank you for your question to Peter Answers as this is a question I have seen many parents ask. There are a lot of scooters available on the market today but when you are ready for a scooter more advanced than a normal Razor or Ripstik scooter then the Kent Super Scooter is the right scooter for your child.

The first thing you notice with this scoot is the handlebars with the brakes that look just like a bike. These brakes make this the safest scooter your child can use. If you have watched your kid use a Razor scooter with no brakes you will be happy to see the brakes! Also, most parents have a difficult time with scooters but the Kent Super Scooter is durable enough for a parent to use as well, and those brakes make for a very safe riding experience.

In addition to the handlebars and brakes you will notice the big knobby tires. Compare the tires on this scooter to any other scoot on the market and it is clear why this scooter is the way to go – those knobby tires will power this scooter over anything in your path! These tires are actually inflatable tires which gives a very comfortable ride unlike most scooters that have solid, very hard tires or wheels.

There are lots of small details on this scooter that Peter Answers likes as well, simple little things like the addition of a small kickstand. This thing is more like a bike than a scooter.

Overall the scooter weighs 18 pounds and utilizes a durable, high tensile steel frame to allow for parents and child alike to use this scooter. Assembly is a snap as it should take you less than 10 minutes to put it together.

So, get the Kent Super Scooter for your child (or yourself!)

And that is Peter’s Answer!


36 Responses to “Peter Please Answer – What is the Best Scooter for my Child?”

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    what is my lover`s name please?

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  26. hello peter.can you answer me:my friend had lost where is she now?

  27. who is my mother

  28. Peter, I asked you numerous questions and you never gave me a coherent answer.
    My advice: stop wasting people’s time and get a life!

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  36. ilan taon na ako

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